The College functions in a good campus, Efforts are made to improve the infrastructures within the available resources from time to time.  The Library facilities have been extended.  The house keeping along with the Garden maintenance, the playground facilities are maintained by the Estate Department of the Bharat Electronics.  A Private Security Agency, 24 x 7, has been given the charge of security arrangements.   An internal Auditorium is available for use by the FGC.

All the class rooms are well ventilated.  Every day  the rooms are cleaned and dusted.  Each room is equipped with sufficient tube lights and fans.  Furnished benches are available. Fiber Glass boards are being made use of.  Separate rooms for Languages and Optional Classes are provided.   There are nine class rooms available for exclusive use of the FGC.  A room inventory chart and a Semester lesson Plans are displayed.       



A separate chamber for the Principal with ante chamber facility is available.  The Principal maintains the Service Registers of the Staff along with their personal files.  An internal and external telephone is made available.  Internet facilities are provided.  Important meetings are being conducted in the chamber.



The entire administrative work is being done by the Principalís office.  All the internal correspondences are routed through the Administrative Manager of BEEI.  The office is located adjacent to the Principalís chamber.  Safety is being ensured.

The Library is located on the second floor.  Its location has a good ambience with good ventilation. A qualified Librarian looks after the Library.  The Library facilities are upgraded from year to year.   Sufficient furniture is provided to house the Reference Books, General knowledge and subject oriented books, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers, CDs, and other literatures.  Reading room facilities are provided both for students and the staff. Back-dated volumes are bound and kept for references. The Library is equipped with Computers, a Scanner, a Printer, a Typewriter and other basic items to run the Library in a more meaningful way. Disposal of magazines and newspapers is being done periodically under intimation to the BEEI MC.  Annual books are purchased on need-based requirements.  Only quality books are being added.           

An exclusive Computer Lab is fully functional.  Constant encouragement is provided for its optimum use both during the working days and semester holidays.  Week long computer training is offered to the staff members.  Students are encouraged to use the facilities more frequently.  Daily practical classes are conducted with the involvement of qualified computer faculties.  The students are allowed to use the Computer Lab facilities to develop their


A Business Lab is in operation as per the University requirements. Literatures pertaining to various functional areas of business have been kept. Leading subject magazines are subscribed for use at the Business Lab. An LCD is installed for the power point presentations.  Both the students and the staff make use of these facilities periodically. Skill Development Program and Project Reports are demonstrated though the PPT.  Project Reports developed by the students of BBM are displayed. Flexi hang outs are predominantly displayed on various functional themes and formulae.  More student centered activities are programmed at the Business Lab.  Efforts are being made to make it more professional activity-based environment.    .


A well-structured Staff Room with basic amenities is made available to the Academic staff.  The teaching aids are made available to all the faculty members.  A Departmental Library is housed in the staff room.  Copies of previous year University Question Papers are kept in the Departmental Library.  An ante chamber is provided.  It is proposed to have a ďcubicalĒ based layout with individual computer systems with a view to have optimum use of space and introduction of technology to the finger tip of the faculty. Newspapers and magazines are placed in the Staff Room.  For sake custody of skill development and attendance registers, necessary provision is made.  Consumable articles are issued as and when required and a faculty member will be in-charge for its procurement, maintenance and issuance. A Time Table will be displayed on the Staff Notice Board.  Important  Circulars, Notices will also be displayed. 


It is centrally located.  A qualified Physical Education Director is appointed to look after the sports activities of the FGC.  Encouragement is provided both for indoor and outdoor events.  Students and staff are constantly encouraged to participate in sports activities after the class hours. Both consumable and non-consumable items are added annually based on the requirements projected by the Physical Education Department.  A well developed sports arena for outdoor net-based and non net based activities is available for both girls and boys students. External experts will be involved to coach the talented sportsperson of the college.  Annual sports are conducted involving majority of the students and staff at the BEL Stadium.  Encouragement is given to popular and emerging games.  Prizes are awarded for the winners of both students and staff participants in the Annual Day Celebrations.  To make, stress-free life, staff members are encouraged to go in for indoor games after their academic schedules. Students are selected to represent the University.    Sports related books are added periodically.  It is proposed to incorporate in the College Time Table the compulsory sports period wherein each individual will be motivated to take part in one of the events.  The net ball courts are Hand Ball, Volley Ball, Badminton, Throw Ball, Cricket, and Foot-ball


A mini-auditorium is available for use by the College.  It is being used to conduct Seminars, workshops, mini-functions.  For conducting big functions, a well furnished techno- savvy auditorium of Bharat Electronics will be used with the permission.


A centralized Parking Zone is made available for two and four wheelers and for cycles.

Proper Security arrangements  are being made. 

A centralized garden is maintained in the campus.  Conservation of ecological balance is taken care. A full time Gardner looks after the maintenance.      


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