The entire academic work is being carried out with the help of both the teaching and administrative staff of FGC. The Principal normally gives direction to the staff members on the following focused areas for overall improvements of the FGC.

 To plan for lessons throughout the academic year based on semester pattern

  • To recommend innovative teaching.
  • To ensure management of lectures and class control.
  • To ensure use of media such as charts, models, transparencies, PPT, case study
  • To plan for laboratory instruction including management of practical.
  • To ensure uniform coverage of team work and guidance for writing skill development records
  • To check the lab manual and make continuous assessment of team work
  • To prepare instructional materials such as charts, models for Business Lab
  • To arrange special lectures by eminent professionals and from the executives of BEL
  • To plan for conducting extra and special classes for low profile students
  • To arrange interaction between teachers teaching different subjects
  • To prepare and display job profiles
  • To conduct regular Staff Council Meetings
  • To provide feed-back to the students about their short-comings
  • To identify slow learners and arrange remedial classes
  • To partake in the pains and pleasures of students and staff
  • To ensure that students attend the classes properly

All the academic activities are decentralized so that concerted efforts can be made to ensure that the FGC becomes a unique institution in all areas of activities.

  • Attendance Committee
  • Co-curricular Activities Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Staff Secretary for Staff Welfare
  • Examination Committee
  • Time Table Committee
  • Hospitality Committee
  • Seminar / Training Committee
  • Placement Cell
  • Magazine Committee
  • Student Welfare Committee


  • To update candidate list academic year wise
  • To distribute the updated candidate list to all faculty members on the reopening day.
  • To ensure distribution of Attendance Register at the beginning of each semester
  • To ensure that the names of the students who left the institution during the academic year are deleted from the Attendance Register.
  • To check randomly whether the Register Numbers and spelling of the students are entered properly.
  • To ensure whether languages opted are properly incorporated
  • To ensure daily entries are made subject wise by the faculty members
  • To ensure that no dots are used
  • To ensure that cumulative totals are entered daily taking into account the absentees.
  • To check weekly attendance and ensure that entries are proper and complete in all respects
  • To insist on preparation of consolidated attendance at the end of each month
  • To liaise with class teachers in checking the consolidation
  • To notify the subject wise shortage of attendance below 75 % only at the end of each month
  • To arrange for counseling of students for improvement of attendance
  • To ensure that parents are kept informed about the shortage
  • To ensure that 60 teaching hours and 90 days have been completed by each faculty members
  • To ensure that no classes have been let off at the personal level
  • To ensure that the entries for work done are made in the Work Diary
  • To ensure the Lesson Plan compatibility with entries in the Attendance Register
  • To countersign the Attendance Register on week ends
  • To bring to the notice of faculty members of any discrepancies in attendance marking, carry forward totals for rectification before consolidation of attendance.
  • To guide in computing the Internal Assessment marks for attendance as per the University norms
  • To ensure submission of consolidated Internal Assessment Marks to the Chairperson, Examination Committee on the prescribed date.
  • To arrange cultural day for selecting the college team
  • To sponsor the team in inter-collegiate and inter and intra university level competitions
  • To conduct inter class cultural competitions
  • To conduct college fest


  • To plan for semester examination of the Bangalore University
  • To plan for class tests
  • To plan for uniform skill development program
  • To arrange for internal assessment assignments
  • To publish the IA marks for student’s information before submitting to University
  • To prepare invigilation diaries
  • To liaise with university with regard to internal assessment and examination related activities
  • To liaise with the Attendance Committee.
  • To liaise with the Office with regard to examination related activities


  • To collect departmental workload
  • To prepare and publish the academic time table
  • To arrange for daily workable time table
  • To ensure the smooth function of class work
  • To extract department, faculty wise and subject wise time table
  • To monitor the Work Diary with time table
  • To display the time table on the Notice Boards


  • To plan for and arrange college trips
  • To arrange for Industrial Tour for BBM students
  • To organize staff picnics
  • To arrange lecture program on tour and travels
  • To arrange for student and staff hospitality


  • To plan for inter and intra institutional workshops
  • To organize seminars for students and staff
  • To direct staff and students to use modern tools
  • To publicize conference materials
  • To motivate staff to participate and recommend for participation
  • To identify talents of students who can be deputed
  • To organize student seminars / conferences
  • To become members of professional bodies


  • To plan for pre placements
  • To organize seminars ./ workshop in development and enhancement of skills
  • To train the students and the staff in quantitative and verbal areas
  • To liaise with companies
  • To arrange counseling sessions


  • To attend to students grievances
  • To keep the record of student profiles
  • To arrange periodic lectures
  • To coordinate with Placement Office
  • To publicize student welfare measures
  • To coordinate with scholarship section
  • To arrange Parent – Teacher meet
  • To coordinate with class teachers

To coordinate with Alumni   

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