1.Name of the School with address                            BEL  SCHOOL  (CBSE)

 (strictly as per Affiliation sanction                            MES ROAD,JALAHALLI

 Letter or as permitted by the                                                BANGALORE-560013

 Board) with pin code no

(i)                 E-Mail                                                       bel_cbsev@yahoo.co.in

(ii)               Ph.No.                                                        080-22195682________

(iii)             Fax No.                                                      080-23455207________


2. Years of establishment of school                            1988________________


3. Whether NOC from State/UT                                 BEL,Autonomous body,under the ministry of defence

    Or recommendation of Embassy                           Hence, NOC is not required for public sector School

    Of India obtained

(i)                 NOC No.                                                    _Public Sector School_____

(ii)               NOC issuing date                                      _Under the Ministry of defence_


4.  is the school is recognized, if yes                          School is affiliated to CBSE Board Delhi.

    by which Authority


5.  Status of affiliation:

     Permanent/Regular/Provisional                            Provisional______________________

(i)                 Affiliation No.                                              830033_________________________

(ii)               Affiliation with the Board since                  1988___________________________

(iii)             Extension of affiliation upto                        31-03-2018______________________


6. Name of Trust/Society/Company                           Bharat Electronics Educational Institutions

    Registered under Section 25 of the                                    Management Committee.

    Company Act, 1956.

    Period upto which Registration of                          Public Sector School, Not applicable__

    Trust/Society is valid

7. List of members of School                                      Uploaded the members list in BEEI Website,Link

    Managing Committee with their                            -Committee Members

    Address/tenure and post held


8. Name and official address of the                           Mr.A.RAVISANKARAN___________________

    Manager/President/Chairman/                             General Manager (C-D&E),PDIC Bharat Electronics Ltd

    Correspondent                                                        Bangalore-13___________________


(i)                 E-Mail                                                            ravisankarana@bel.co.in

(ii)               Ph.No.                                                            080-28381431____________________

(iii)             Fax No.                                                          ____________________






9.  Area of School campus


(i)                 In Acres                                                       3.5 Acres__________________________

(ii)               In sq.mtrs.                                                   14060 m__________________________

(iii)             Built up area (sq.mtrs)                               2217.46 m________________________

(iv)              Area of playground in sq.mtrs                    2245.4 m_________________________

(v)                Other facilities                                           

(i)                 Swimming Pool                                   NIL_______________________________

(II)        Indoor Games                                     ONE AUDITORIUM FOR_______________

(iii)       Dance Rooms                                     ALL THESE ACTIVITIES________________

(iv)       Gymnasium                                         _9 V. (ii), (iii), (IV), (V)_________________

(v)        Music Rooms                                      __________________________________

(vi)       Hostels                                                NIL_______________________________

(vii)      Health and Medical                            BEL HOSPITAL(Out Patient Facility)______

            Check up                                             HOSPITAL__________________________


10. Details of fee structure

            (i)         Pre-Nursery                                         NA______________________________

            (ii)        Nursery                                                NA_______________________________

            (iii)       I to V                                                   Rs27,000/- p.a_____________________

            (iv)       VI to VIII                                              Rs.27,010/- p.a_____________________

            (v)        Ix & x                                                   Rs.29,100/- p.a_____________________

11. Transport facility

            (i)         Own buses                                           BEL Bus facility for Employees Children.

            (ii)        Buses hired on contract basis             NIL_____________________________

            (iii)       Details of transport charges for staff NIL_____________________________


12.  Particulars of teaching staff                                Uploaded in the staff list in

                                                                                    BEEI Website,Link- BEL  Vidyalaya,CBSE

13.  Details of salary being paid by the school to      will be given

teaching Staff/non-teaching staff (to be updated

 time to  time )


14. Mode of Payment of Salary

            (i)         Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing  STATE BANK OF INDIA­­­­­­____

            (ii)        Through single Cheque transfer advice                     JALAHALLI,BANGALORE-13

            (iii)       Individual Cheque                                     The Salaries are credited  to respective Accounts of_

            (iv)       Cash                                                                the employees


15. Library facilities

            (i)         Size of the Library in sq.feet                                       14m x 8 m_______________

            (ii)        No.of Periodicals                                                         4______________________

            (iii)       No.of Dailies                                                               ­­­­­­­4

            (iv)       No.of Reference books class-wise                              12,000 from class 1 to 10____

            (v)        No. of Magazine                                                         20______________________

            (vi)       Others                                                                         Other books 6,000_________

16. Name of the Grievance.redressal Officicer                                 Mr.Sudhir Raj.R. DGM(IA) BG COMPLEX, BEL

      With E-Mail, Ph.No.Fax No.                                                          sudhirraj@bel.co.in


17.  Members of Sexual Harassment Committee                              Mrs.Anitha Nathaniel_______

                                                                                                            Mrs.Gayathri Bai,__________


18.  Section wise enrolment of school for the                                    Class        Section               current session

         Total Enrolment                                                                              V              A&B                           820  

                                                                                                              VI to X   One Section each

19.  Academic session period                                                             from 1ST June  to  10th April_____


20.  Vacation period                                                                           from 10th April  to  30th  May_____


21. Admission period                                                                          from February  to  (As per RTE Norms)



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